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      Thanks. But about the studies, Esmeralda?


      Yes, said Esmeralda. People talk and behave differently to what Ive been used to, and it is strange, at first; but I dare say I shall get used to it. Dont you want to dance? she broke off. Everybody must want to dance who can; dont let me keep you standing here.

      He smiled grimly.

      Esmeralda shook her head.

      I do hope you wont bebe angry with her, Mr. Howard, he said. Itsermere thoughtlessness on her part. She is most amiable and affectionate, anderif I thought you were going to be harsh with her I should regret having spoken. As it is, I suppose, if the boys knew I had made even a shadow of complaint, I should be shot on sight.


      Why not? she said, pleasantly. Theres no harm in talking, surely, and I shall not say anything that I mind their hearing. Do you know how long I am to be kept here?She turned her large, luminous eye upon him thoughtfully.


      Lady Wyndover was always a little frightened when Esmeralda wore that expression.


      Well, you see, said Lord Norman, hes got a good[35] deal to think of and worry him. Although the duke is such a swell, hes poor.