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      "You have spoken well, Holgrave," said De Boteler, looking good-humouredly upon the yeoman, "and, truly, if the life of Roland de Boteler is worth any thing, you have earned your reward; and, here, in the presence of this good company, I covenant for myself and my heirs, that you and your heirs, shall hold the land for ever, in chivalry, presenting every feast of the Holy Baptist, a pair of gloves."

      Perhaps you cant, he said, and youd better have your nap. That wont be waste of time. Youre tired with talking, and Im sure I am too.

      "What! do you dream of such things when my noble cousin and guests are waiting for our courtesy? Away! I shall attend to the matter myself.""My Lord de Boteler, servants must obey their masters."

      Sobs were still thick in Rose's throat, when they came to Handshut's cottage, a little tumble-down place, shaped like a rabbit's head. She stopped.

      And considering that last year there was a{74} deficit, he said, where would you get your money to pay the interest?

      "I once stayed on the Downs," said the girl in the embroidered frock, speaking dreamily, "and one twilight I seemed to hear elfin music on the hill. I tore off my shoes and let down my hair and I dancedI danced...."


      Since she had heard the news, she had sat dry-eyed and motionless in her bedroom. Now in the sense of a companionship that comprehended, the relief of tears came, and with head buried on his shoulder, she clung to him while the storm raged. He just let her feel the pressure of his arm, and for the rest stood there braced and firm in body and{335} steadfast soul. There was none who could help him, but comfortless himself he could comfort, and he waited with that live and infinite patience which is the gift only of the strong and masterful.



      "Sam," said Byles, "I believe you were rightthat last faint flicker, I doubt not, came from the dying embers. Creep softly to the inclosure, and gently rustle the brushwood. Don't let them see you. Softlytherego on.""There you go, Alice! lik the rest of themno more understanding than anyone else. Can't you see that it's bin worth while?"