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      Esmeraldas arm tightened round Varleys waist.

      We covet solidity of character, but Flora and Madame were essentially fluid. They never let themselves clash with any one, and their private rufflings of each other had only a happy effect of aerating their depths, and left them as mirror-smooth and thoroughly one as the bosom of a garden lake after the ripples have died behind two jostling swans. To the Callenders society was a delightful and sufficient end. To the Valcours it was a means to all kinds of ends, as truly as commerce or the industries, and yet they were so fragrantly likable that to call them accomplices seems outrageous--clogs the pen. Yes, they were actors, but you never saw that. They never stepped out of their parts, and they had this virtue, if it is one: that behind all their r?les they were staunchly for each other in every pinch. When Kincaid had been away a few days this second time, these two called at the Callender house."Jerry! you cut me to the heart!"

      Trafford turned his face away. It was lined by a deep emotion.

      "Captain Kincaid!" It is Mrs. Callender. "Captain!" she repeats.

      Lord Chesterleigh came up and spoke to him, and he scarcely knew what Chesterleigh was saying or what he himself responded. Esmeralda seemed to evade him like a will-o-the-wisp; from whatever part of the room she was standing or sitting there came bursts and ripples of laughter; those who were not immediately round her or talking to her were talking of her. Old Lady Desford sung her praises in the dukes ready ear.

      No, said Esmeralda. You didnt tell me, Varley. What was it?


      There is one of you I miss, he said. Where is Simon?


      Varley, I didnt let on before the boys to all I heard them Dogs Ear chaps talking. You see, some of our boys are a bit young-heady, and ud a-opened their mouths too wide, and perhaps spoiled the game.


      What was the matter with it? asked Esmeralda.I had a stick somewhere, he said. Where did I put it? Oh, I remember, I left it in the anteroom last night.