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      I cant say whether I should have been pleased or not, she said. It didnt happen. But Im sure I dont know why you sent your typewriter in here to talk to me. I dont know what you think I should find to say to her. With Alice here too.

      "Please, Doctor," said Mary, "what do you mean by legal tender?"

      Chapter 16

      "We'll never do anything fur ourselves if we stay at Odiam."


      "Think you, father, Holgrave loves her as I do; or think you his rude untutored speech will accord well with so gentle a creature. Oh! father John, be you my friend. Bid her forget the man who is unworthy of her! She will listen to youshe will be guided by youyou are the only kinsman she can claim;and surely even you must wish rather to see your sister attended almost as a mistress in this castle, than the harassed wife of a laborious yeoman. Oh! if you win her to my arms, I here swear to you, that not even your own heart could ask for more gentle care than she will receive from me. My happiness centres in herto love her, to cherish herto see the smile of joy for ever on her lips."There came a slight sound from the drawing-room next door which would have been inaudible to any but expectant ears, and Alice bent over her work with more intense industry. Then the door opened very softly, and Mr Silverdale looked in. He was dressed in a black cassock and had a long wooden shepherds crook in his hand. He saw Alice seated in the window, he saw Mrs Keeling with her mouth slightly open and her eyes completely shut in a corner of the sofa, and rose to his happiest level.


      "I've won," he said softly to himself, while behind him the blazing gorse spat and crackled and sent flames up almost to the clouds with triumphant roars"I've wonand it's bin worth while. I've wanted a thing, and I've got it, surelyeand I ?un't too old to enjoy it, nuther. I may live to be a hunderd, a man of my might. But if I go next week, I shan't complain, fur I've lived to see my heart's desire. I've fought and I've suffered, and I've gone hard and gone rough and gone emptybut I haven't gone in vain. It's all bin worth it. Odiam's great and Boarzell's mineand when I die ... well, I've lived so close to the earth all my days that I reckon I shan't be afraid to lie in it at last.""No, masterI'll bring him r?ound soon as he does. W?an't you have a bite o' cheese if I fetch it?"


      A great quiet was wrapped round the house, and a great darkness, pricked by winking stars. The barns were shut, the steamings of the midden were nipped by brooding frostsnow and then the dull movements of some stalled animal could be heard, but only from the yard; in the house there was silence except for the singing fire, and Harry's low muttering which seldom rose into words. Then suddenly there was a knock at the door.