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      "Which of your gals is it that young Realf is sweet on?"

      The cannonading in the distance grew fiercer, and regiments could be seen rushing up at the doublequick. Long, shrill rebel yells came from the hilltops, and were answered by volleys and deep-toned cheers.... And he was gonewalking past the window in a top-hat.

      He learned about the invasion, for instanceor as much about it as Marvor, the elders and a few other late arrivals could piece together. Their explanations made surprisingly good sense, in the main, though none of them, not even Marvor, could quite comprehend the notion of masters having masters above them: it appeared contrary to reason.

      FROM: Leonard Offutt



      MRS. G.: We discussed it all. And we've been writing letters.


      "The truth," Norma said.