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      'Tis very well to sing on land.He struggled against this nightmare sense of impotence. All his life he had designed his own career, in bold firm strokes, and fate had builded as he had planned. Fate was not a predetermined thing: the book of destiny was written by the resolute and strong for themselves, they had a hand on the pen, and made destiny write what they willed. It should be so to-morrow: he had but to determine what he chose should be, and this was the hour of his choice....

      The next minute Reuben had pulled on his trousers and was out in the passage, shouting "Fire!"

      "A famous house-warming for John Byles," said he. "By Saint Nicholas! I wish his furniture had been in to have made the fire burn brisker. 'Tis almost over now; there it goes down, and then it comes up again, by fits and starts: 'tis a pity, too, to see the house which stood so snugly to-day, a black and smoky ruin to-morrow; but better a ruin, than a false heart to enjoy it. By Saint Nicholas! 'twill give the old gossips talk for the whole week. Aye, 'tis all over now; there will still be a spark and a puff now and then; but there's nothing to see worth keeping the karles any longer from their beds, and I think it is time that we be in oursso good night. But a word with you, Stephen;you did the business yourself this time without help; but mind you, if ever Wat Turner can lend you a hand, you have only to say soGood night.""Hold your tongue, woman," said Byles, jumping out of the bed into which he had thrown himself, and taking up the clothes, concealed them in the pit. "Do you want to have me hanged? To bed, I tell you."

      "It would never do if people saw us."

      "You can grow corn without uswe're wanted out there."

      Come then, he said.

      A humorous twinkle came into his eye.No, I am not the least tired, he said. As soon as I have changed my clothes, I shall go down to my office.



      "Farewell, farewell, you jolly young girls!


      "I thought you mightperhaps you might help us ..."The neighbourhood pitied him in his loss. There was indeed something rather pathetic about this old man of eighty, who had lost nearly all his kith and kin, yet now tasted bereavement for the first time. They noticed that he lost some of the erectness which had distinguished him, the corners of his mouth drooped, and his[Pg 418] hair, though persistently thick, passed from iron grey to a dusty white.