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      The Alberts were happy to help with the digging in exchange for some of the good things the explorers talked about, because they didn't have many good things. But the explorers built houses for them and gave them food and taught them English, and the Alberts dug in the ground and helped get the metal ready to ship back to the Confederation.


      Reuben and Mrs. Backfield tried in vain to soothe her, and put her back to bed. She was like a mad woman. She who had always been so timid and gentle, peevish at the worst, now shouted, kicked and raved.

      The members all looked up in astonishment.

      "D?an't talk rubbidge, liddle gal. It's because I see, all the fight there is in you that I'd sooner you fought for me than ag?unst me. Couldn't you try, Alice?"

      To swell out the purse where his Thousands are laying.


      "Yes, ma'am. I'm Richard.""So suppose somebody goes back," Albin said. "Suppose somebody talks. What difference does it make? It's just rumor, nothing official. No, the reason nobody goes back is cargo space, pure and simple. We need every inch of cargo space for the shipments."



      He knocked. From within came a faint sound of moaning. He knocked again. The midwife opened the door.