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      "And just at present," said Gray, "you're casting shot and shell and now and then a cannon; good for you! You want to give us your guarantee--?"XXX GOOD-BY, KINCAID'S BATTERY

      "Send him here!" The commander's eye came back to Irby: "Old man, how long have you had this?"

      The orator followed the good advice and, trembling from head to foot, slunk back to his place, where he cowered making himself as small as possible.The gods forbid that I should envy anybody. No one can feel a deeper reverence for actual services, deeds truly great, exploits really noble. But, my friends, is there anything great in saving a few people in a boat? That requires neither the sages sagacity, the warriors courage, nor the sacrifice of self. It is a thing any one can do, the ignorant as well as the expert.

      Let it stand till morning."By Vicksburg? We're already by there."

      Begone! he shouted. Begone from my sight. Do you suppose I will give my daughter to a rake who steals to the maidens room in the darkness of night. Be off from here, I say; Clytie shall never be your wife.


      POLEMARCHUS, SON OF CALLIAS. Accused of fraud. Sentenced by the Forty to loss of the rights of citizenship and forfeiture of property. The decree DECLARED INVALID by the dicasts of the people because founded on the deposition of a false witness.


      "--I is sent--""Cousin Constance--ah, ha, ha!--cousin Flora!"



      "The prayer-book!" put in Mandeville, pushing it at him. The boys harkened again.