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      "Lady," replied Margaret modestly; "I am the wife of one of my lord's vassals; and my mother, and myself, humbly beg you will accept this present.""But I d?an't want you to waste your money."

      On the evening succeeding the day of Edith's decease, Black Jack's associates were, as usual, squandering away their ill-got money at the Mitre. A ribald song was just concluded, when a loud knock caught the attention of the foreman: the door was opened, and the galleyman entered. His countenance looked pale and haggard, and without speaking, he threw himself in a chair.

      Richard bitterly abused his father to Anne, as they met in the midst of the strife of their two families:

      It was all very wonderful and sweet to Robert, and when at last he crept under the sheets in the apple-smelling garret he would dream of him and Bessie wandering in the Peasmarsh fieldsor sometimes in those starry meadows where the hedges shone and twinkled with the fruit of constellations, and Charles drove his waggon along a golden road, and sheep ate from a flickering trough under a great tree of lamps.


      Lord Inverbroom lives near, does he not? she asked. Thats a wonderful library. Is the public allowed to see it? I suppose not. I would not trust Charles within arms length of a Caxton if I had one.The sooner you take her off to the seaside the better, he said. Change of air will do her good. I should go this week, if I were you.


      Keeling opened the front door for him.


      As for himself, his life had been full of hard work and the happiness of endeavour crowned at last by success. Anne Bardon he referred to as an angel, which made Reuben chuckle grimly. He had already had a brief, though he was called to the bar only two years agowhich struck his father as very slow business.