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      "Stop whippin' them mules. You only make them wuss," shouted one man authoritatively. "Tie stones to their tails."

      "Yes, you do," said the Brigadier-General impatiently, "and I want you to tell me.""Here, Injianny," called out the Sergeant, "stack your gun here with the rest."

      They had to go a long distance out this time to find a good berry patch. It was getting dark be fore they fairly began picking their supper. Presently they heard voices approaching from the other side. They crouched down a little behind the brier-clumps and listened.

      "Grave for one!" called out Shorty to the boys with the pick and shovel, as if he were giving an order in a restaurant. "Full size, and hurry up with it." Chorus.

      "That's probably Goober Crick, or at least Goober Crick is somewhere under that muddy freshet," acquiesced Shorty. "But I'm not at all sure that it's the crick. Looks more like a misplaced chunk out o' the Mizzoori River. I'm not sure, either, that your eyes kin see that distance. We'll have to walk you till we find a section of the crick somewhere that kin be recognized by the naked eyes. Come along, and step lively."

      "And you're goin' with me, Shorty."



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